We are proud to launch the second round of THE INVESTOR’S COURSE, a special training program in collaboration with fresh.fundan early stage venture capital firm. This will introduce the selected students to the world of startup investment and will guide them through the investor’s journey and perspective.

About the Course

This is a unique program* that aims to show you the world of entrepreneurship from the point of view of the investor.

The program is suitable for any student with an interest in the world of entrepreneurship and who wants to become part of this world, either now or in the future. This is a platform for understanding the world of venture capital and for acquiring tools, knowledge and practical experience that will be of professional and entrepreneurial use, and will help you integrate within the high-tech and venture capital industry during your professional career.

The participant costs are fully covered.

On the Agenda

During the program we will learn, among other things, what drives a venture capital firm (clue: profits, but not only that), how it works, what the investment process looks like, and we will examine how investors decide on their investments.

The course will include practical exercises, group projects, guest lecturers, and meetings with key figures and ecosystem leaders within the Israeli innovation space.

Entry Conditions

The course is also open to all students, including those without a background in the areas of finance, economics, business management etc. We welcome the registration of students from the areas of science/research, engineering, design and more. Those applying for the program must meet the following conditions:

Second year students and above.

Requirement to attend all of the program meetings (apart from exceptional circumstances).

Requirement to invest around three hours each week on reading course content and carrying out exercises that will be assigned throughout the program.

High level English (with an emphasis on reading, writing and understanding of the English language; discussion throughout the course will be conducted according to the students’ preferred language).

* This is a non-academic course for the purpose of professional enrichment, with a certificate awarded upon completion. It does not confer academic credits.

In the past, the course has been a springboard for participants to become part of the Israeli high-tech industry for graduates. Today many of them work for start-ups, leading corporations, and venture capital firms.

**The number of places in the course are limited; places will be awarded on the basis of participants’ qualifications, their answers to questions on the registration form, and a personal interview.

Course Content

*We will study the basic terms and language of the entrepreneurship and venture capital investment spaces.

We will learn what a venture capital fund is, how it operates, how its business model works, and the differences between different types of investors and funds.

We will go behind the scenes of the investment process, we will explore together the intricacies of different investment contracts, the different investment mechanisms, and the rationale that stands behind them.

We will enter the shoes of investors and analysts at venture capital funds and learn how to evaluate and analyze the profitability of investing in a start-up by considering the set of parameters that investors take into account. These include, among other things, market research and trends, analyzing all aspects of the product, and its value proposition in relation to the competition and market alternatives.

We will study and analyze case studies involving real companies and we will make decisions about investing together, in the framework of class discussions.

We will meet investors and entrepreneurs, who will share their experiences with us, as well as their perspective on how venture capital funds operate and what the investment process looks like.

Course Staff

Important Dates

  • 1.2-28.2.2022

    Course registration

  • 27.02-04.03.2022

    Candidate interviews

  • 09.03.2022

    Final answers to applicants

  • 16.03.2022

    Course begins

  • 08.06.2022

    Course ends

* The program includes nine weekly sessions (attendance is obligatory), every Wednesday from 18:00-21:00. The course will be conducted using a hybrid model, with three in-person sessions that will be held in Jerusalem (Covid-19 permitting) and six Zoom sessions.

Dates for the in-person sessions: 16.03.2022, 06.04.2022 and 08.06.2022

**By applying for the program, you are committing to full attendance in both the in-person and the Zoom session (excluding special circumstances).

Students share

"I think understanding what is important for an investor is crucial if one aims to be a successful entrepreneur"
Shayna Shalkman
4th year Medical student, The Hebrew University
"This course gave me the necessary tools and insights on what is needed in the investment and startup world"
Helena khalilieh
2nd year Software Engineering student, Azrieli - College of Engineering Jerusalem


fresh.fund is a venture capital fund that specializes in investing in early stage startups, with a focus on the pre-seed stage. Thus far, the fund has been involved in more than 20 exits in a variety of areas, and is an active partner in nurturing the initiatives it invests in, with an emphasis on support for business development and raising additional capital from funds and angels.

The fund is extremely active in developing the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Israeli academic institutions, out of a conviction that the academy is fruitful ground for establishing innovative, significant, and ground-breaking startups through students, graduates, and academic staff.

The fund works with academic institutions to develop platforms and activities that will develop the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem on campus, including support and assistance in establishing student and graduate investment funds, and cooperation on an institution’s entrepreneurship programs. It also runs unique venture capital student information and training programs that so far have been attended by over 150 student participants from the leading universities and colleges in Israel.


JLM Impact is a consortium of innovation and entrepreneurship centers at three leading academic institutions in Jerusalem: the Hebrew University, the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, and the Azrieli College of Engineering.

The consortium was established in order to encourage researchers and students to pursue the path of innovation and entrepreneurship, and to develop Jerusalem as a city with an innovative and entrepreneurial culture.

At the same time, the JLM Impact consortium harnesses the power of design, engineering and science in order to have positive influence in Jerusalem and the world.


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